Take in the Sites and Enjoy a Dinner Cruise

Long Island Cruise
Long Island is a great place to take a brunch or dinner cruise. Enjoy the soft, pleasant breeze while sailing through calm water, and not to mention Long Island's lovely landscape. Here are a few companies that offer brunch and dinner cruises in Long Island. Lady Liberty Cruises Sit back and relax on... [read more]

Explore and Enjoy these Inexpensive Activities in New York City

Inexpensive activities to do in New York City
Looking for an inexpensive way to spend a day in NYC? Check out all these awesome activities you can do in New York without breaking the bank! You can see amazing sights, visit famous landmarks, and much more. With so many great places to visit, there is guaranteed to be... [read more]

Take a Trip to Discover Delicious Mexican Cuisine Around New York

Mexican Cuisine in Long Island
Are you tired of visiting the same old restaurants? Do you want something more exciting than a burger and fries? Check out these awesome restaurants that offer delicious Mexican cuisine across New York! Lucharito’s This unique gem is Marc LaMaina's brain child. LaMaina had always dreamed of having his own restaurant and... [read more]

Gourmet Meets Racquet-Play: Taste of Tennis New York

Taste of Tennis New York 2017
This is the one event in New York City where you can sample food from gourmet chefs and rub elbows with top tennis players all in the same space. Taste of Tennis New York will be here before you know it, so read on to find out how to get... [read more]

Visit the Long Island SculptureCenter

Are you a lover of the arts in the Long Island City area? Then plan a visit to the SculptureCenter this month! This nonprofit arts institution was founded in 1928 and is dedicated to contemporary sculpture. This center in New York is filled with the highest quality sculptures of emerging... [read more]

The Patchogue Theatre Summer Musicals

Patchogue Theatre
Who doesn’t love a good musical? If you’re in the Long Island City area, spend a night at the theatre this Summer! This is the perfect opportunity for the whole family to experience some of the greatest shows together; or bring your friends! Read about the upcoming musicals and events... [read more]

Free Events Happening in NYC

free events new york
Summer isn't over yet! There are still lots of exciting things for you to do in the city. Check out this list of FREE events in New York and head out for some summer fun! Smorgasburg At this massive grub hub, there’s only one rule: Come hungry. The Brooklyn Flea spin-off draws... [read more]

Enjoy Your Warm Summer Day at Astoria Park!

Bench at Astoria Park
There is nothing more refreshing than walking through beautiful greenery, surrounded by fresh air. Well, at Astoria Park, you will be able to experience this and so much more. It is one of the largest and oldest parks in LIC, and it offers shoreline views that are to die for, plus... [read more]

New York’s Most Famous Art Walls and Street Art!

Street artist draws Street Art using spray paint can
Historically, street art has been a bit controversial. However, to most people today, it is known to be an amazing work of art - whether it is used for professional photography, or as a backdrop for an Instagram shot. To the artist though, street art can serve as the ultimate way to showcase their... [read more]

Check Out These Nationally Recognized Landmarks Near LIC

1964 New York World's Unisphere Landmarks
Do you want to visit some of the coolest landmarks in the country? Lucky for you, Long Island City is near some of the most beautiful landmarks in the country. This artsy city will leave you speechless with all of its amazing views and historically noted landmarks. Read below to... [read more]