Check Out These Nationally Recognized Landmarks Near LIC

1964 New York World's Unisphere Landmarks

Do you want to visit some of the coolest landmarks in the country? Lucky for you, Long Island City is near some of the most beautiful landmarks in the country. This artsy city will leave you speechless with all of its amazing views and historically noted landmarks. Read below to discover some of the places you can visit this month.

The Unisphere

The Unisphere is located at the center of the radial looking pathways in the upper half of the Flushing-Meadows Corona Park. This modern and unique looking piece was designed by Gilmore D. Clarke. This sphere is a 350-ton, 120-foot by diameter globe that is the main attraction of the park. It features representations of the continents and major mountain ranges and bodies of water. It is also encircled by three giant orbital rings that represent the tracks of early satellites. “The Unisphere celebrated both the dawn of the space age and the fair’s broader theme of “Peace Through Understanding”.  It has since become a beloved symbol of Queens.” Be sure to visit and see why this highlight of the skyline is so beautiful. Read more about its history, here.

The Pepsi -Cola Sign

The Pepsi-Cola sign of Long Island City is known for its historical significance and invokes the feeling of the golden days of Long Island City. This spectacular piece sits on the Queen’s waterfront and gives a sense of nostalgia to the local citizens of LIC. “Its prominent siting and its frequent appearances in pop culture have made it one of the most endearing and recognizable icons on the Queens waterfront.” This is an attraction that you’ll definitely want to see in person.

PepsiCo and the Pepsi-Cola sign have an interesting history. The plant closed in 1999 and sold all but a 60-by-200-foot parcel of its property to the Queens West Development Corporation. However, PepsiCo used this as a marketing initiative to all those who would walk by and look up at these 40-foot letters. Stop by and have an up close look at this sign for yourself!

Socrates Sculpture Park

The Socrates Sculpture Park was an abandoned riverside landfill until about 1986. The union of all the artists and community members in the area transformed this dumpsite into something spectacular. Under the leadership of Mark di Suvero, this place was made into an open studio exhibition space for artists. Today, it is known as an internationally renowned outdoor museum that also, serves as a vital NYC park offering for free public services. The park is open 365 days a year from 9 AM until sunset. It remains dedicated to supporting artists in the production of public art today.

Long Island City Hyundai

So, next time you are in the Queens area make sure you check out all these amazing landmarks! For a full list of the greatest landmarks in LIC check out this link here. Finally, when you are in the area and looking for reliable transportation to get you around, make a visit to Hyundai of Long Island City! We promise you will be impressed with our fabulous inventory of quality vehicles.