Take a Trip to Discover Delicious Mexican Cuisine Around New York

Mexican Food in Long Island

Are you tired of visiting the same old restaurants? Do you want something more exciting than a burger and fries? Check out these awesome restaurants that offer delicious Mexican cuisine across New York!


This unique gem is Marc LaMaina’s brain child. LaMaina had always dreamed of having his own restaurant and began his adventure after Hurricane Sandy devastated his Butta’ Cakes Cafe in 2012. So, he and his team transitioned their choice space into a modern and funky baja style taqueria & bar. “Lucharito” can be loosely translated to mean “little fighter.” And, using that as an inspiration, images of authentic Mexican wrestlers can be seen throughout the bar. This custom built bar will no doubt be the coolest thing you have ever rested your beer on.

Visit Lucharito’s for lunch or dinner every day of the week for a unique, and authentic Mexican cuisine experience.


Inspired by the beach culture of Brazil, Uruguay and Southern California Bartaco serves upscale street food with a coastal vibe in a relaxed environment. They have freshly-squeezed juices, specialty cocktails, and beer out of the bottle to go along with their savvy style. Bartaco makes you want to visit a stylish beach resort because of its unforgettable atmosphere and chill vibes. Visit their website, or their online store to see their menu or purchase merchandise! Check out Bartaco for a delicious meal and a great experience.

Besito Mexican Restaurant

Besito’s locations are an extension of the connection and respect they feel for one another and the food they share. Founded by restaurateur John Tunney after years of travel in Mexico, Besito embodies the Mexican cuisine and its people perfectly, and the spirit of Mexico is found in all of their flavors.

Their passion for extraordinary food is what inspired Besito. And its people, both the team members and the guests, have breathed a special life into each location. Their devotion and spirit is what gives Besito heart.

Visit their website to see locations, menus, and more of their story!

Swell Taco

As it is family owned and operated, Swell Taco’s mission is to provide a dining experience similar to the family parties they grew up with in Southern California; A relaxed, warm and fun atmosphere where every guest feels welcome.  Whether you’re coming home from the beach with sandy feet or suited up from work, the door is open. Come as you are and kick back. You can enjoy relaxing tunes, cold drinks, good vibes, great company and of course, amazing food.


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