New York’s Most Famous Art Walls and Street Art!

Street artist draws Street Art using spray paint can

Historically, street art has been a bit controversial. However, to most people today, it is known to be an amazing work of art – whether it is used for professional photography, or as a backdrop for an Instagram shot. To the artist though, street art can serve as the ultimate way to showcase their creativity and views on current events. Everyday new art is being added to the walls and streets of major cities. Check out this list to discover some amazing street art you can catch nearby.

John Lennon on Spring Street

This artwork of the music legend John Lennon is projected on the side of a street wall located on 41 Spring Street in New York, NY. It’s not as large as the John Lennon wall located in Prague, but it’s definitely a sight to see. This piece portrays the positive message of a different kind of peace and love. As one of Mr. Lennon’s major philosophies, this warm message is the perfect way to perk up any bad day. Stop by to see it in person during your next walk along Spring Street.

Prince at 184 Mott St.

Many people consider Prince to be one of the greatest music and style icons to ever grace a stage. Well, thanks to this street portrait, he can be seen every day on 184 Mott Street in NYC. The attention to detail on this piece is truly breathtaking. The artist portrays Prince in a dazzling butterfly mask, wearing a sequin jackets – a true Prince staple. The next time you are in the Manhattan area, make sure you stop by this dazzling mural.

Muhammad Ali Mural

If you are ever in the city of Brooklyn and need a little mid-day pick me up, go on a stroll by the Muhammad Ali mural. This work of art is located on 216 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY. So, float like a butterfly and sting like a bee all the way over to this incredible piece of street art today!

Colorful Wall in Dumbo

This abstract piece will be sure to bring joy to anyone’s day. It’s located near the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, so you can see it on your way to the city! The Colorful Wall in Dumbo is a local favorite, and it’s definitely Instagram-worthy. So, be sure to take a snapshot!

The next time you are going on a journey on foot, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for local street art. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out how beautiful these small expressions of freedom can be. For a full list of amazing street art throughout the city, click here.


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